Sunday, July 13, 2008

Et tu, Rooter?

*sigh* Today was going well--the guest bedroom and the living room are both clean, and I have time still to tackle the kitchen, bathroom and study. Unfortunately, I cracked the pretty glass pitcher I was saving for Jay's Riesling conconcoction, so it looks as if he'll be making that in my tacky plastic pitcher again. :(

When I sat down on the breezeway for a break, I happened to look out the windows to the front yard, and saw a sleek brown head. I stood up, and Rooter, my resident groundhog, gallumphed away and flowed down into the culvert.

I should mention I've been losing lavender plants, and now I know who the culprit is.

*double sigh*


Romantic Heretic said...

Life's like that. *HUGS*

I'll be able to deliver the *HUGS* in person in a few days. :)

Mike from Eerie said...

Yeah but Rooter is probably one mellow lil groundhoggie....

Anonymous said...

But Rooter is really a good little gound hoggie woggie. Worth a few bulbs anyway